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Week 1


Learn what clients are going through (background)

What to help clients with?

Week 3

Show client options available.

Work to learn and how to cope.

How everything works and guiding clients.

Week 5

Work with clients on their new work.

Sort out any struggles or interference.

Help clients still work smoothly.

Louisa offers a 6-week Coaching Package to her clients whereby she really helps them along their path of life and business. 

Below is a breakdown of what's involved each week and also the price.

If you have any questions please contact Louisa.

Week 2

What's out there for the client to help them with.

Living independently and making decisions.

Reduce scare factor and fear.

Week 4

See how they get on and aim up.

Help clients in new areas & help if they find it hard.

Help clients to feel awesome, relaxed & positive.

Week 6

Helping clients feel more great so they have fun.

New paths and better feeling mentally.

Aims and goals in client's skills etc.

Price = £300

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